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Vidyasagar International School -celebrates Green Diwali inspiring all

Faridabad:(RAJESH RANGA) Vidyasagar International School celebrated Diwali in an unique way and organized rally for avoiding crackers in Diwali and awared people to keep away from crackers and make the city pollution graph decreased. Students also lauded slogans of Swachh Bharat, Swasta Bharat. Large number of students participated in the rally and very courageously conveyed the message of Green Diwali. Students spread the message of safe Diwali by small posters written “Say No To Crackers” & “Say Yes To Green Deepawali”. Besides, various competition like- Fancy Dress, Poster making, essay writing, card making, paper bag making, candle decoration etc were organized for the students. Chairman of the School Mr. Dharampal Yadav wished safe and blessed Diwali to all the students and appealed all to avoid crackers and celebrate green Diwali and said that Diwali is a festival of lights over darkness and good over evils so shall celebrate happily. He also urged the parents to be with their children while celebrating Diwali and avoid crackers. Director of the School Mr. Deepak Yadav encouraged students for their courageous step for green Diwali while the students appealed the parents for not buying crackers for their wards. Mr. Yadav said that burning crackers make the environment polluted and become hazard for health so all should avoid crackers and make the environment clean and green. School Principal Mrs. Shivani Srivastava took oath from students for not using crackers in Diwali while Academic Director C L Goel said that main motive of the rally was to aware people about the drawbacks of the crackers.
Present on the occasion were- Shammi Yadav- School Coordinator, Yogendra Chauhan, staffs, parents, students and teachers.

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